The Family

In Valdobbiadene, the surname Ruggeri is closely linked to the history of Prosecco. From Agostino Ruggeri, the progenitor, continuing a short genealogical line we reach Vittore and his two sons, Ruggero and Andrea, the current winemakers of the Ruge company.

Our farm is located on the Col Funer, in Santo Stefano, one of the most suitable, sunny and suggestive areas of the entire Valdobbiadene DOCG territory.

Our Method

The earth has a soul and a voice that must be listened to and respected. This has always been our founding principle. This is what our family has been doing every day and for generations, living in an almost perfect ecosystem, ennobling our hills by cultivating them with respect for nature and its rhythms.

There are no forcings but only natural symbiosis, a simple partnership between man and the earth to be able to produce unique and always different elements.

Experience and technologies are only means that allow us to look to the future without ever losing sight of the wisdom of the past.

The results of our work

Our production best interprets the most characteristic types of the territory made of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG and bottle re-ferments. Particular emphasis must be placed on the production of Cartizze, an increasingly rare and unique excellence. The desire to enhance the territory makes our wines something exclusive and the result is products that do not appeal to all palates but to those who seek depth, typicality and truth.

Andrea & Ruggero

What it means to be Independent Winegrowers

“We have chosen to participate in this ambitious and admirable project because the Independent Winemaker lives every day with a true boundless passion for his work. Many have probably chosen more profitable paths, but we intend to experience each production phase in first person, putting our face to it, from spring to autumn pruning, because we do not want in any way to lose the bond that our company has with the territory. "