Colfondo Agricolo

Colli Trevigiani IGT

Unfiltered Sparkling Wine, natural re-fermentation in the bottle (“col fondo” – “with lees”)

Made from our hillside grapes , this wine is a true ambassador for the winegrower’s tradition. Natural re-fermentation in the bottle constitutes an ancient method for obtaining sparkling wines which locally are called "col fondo" ("with lees"). The presence of natural lees in the bottle lends the wine a particular aromatic complexity, bringing out its terroir. A wine for connoisseurs.

Since 2020, it has been part of the Col Fondo Agricolo project.

  • Classification
    Colli Trevigiani IGT
  • Type
    Unfiltered Sparkling Wine
  • Variety
  • Area of origin of grapes
    Valdobbiadene hills
  • Average altitude of vineyards
    250 – 350 metres sl.
  • Type of terrain
    Varied soil with morainic, sandstone and clay elements, limy, low-nutrient, welldrained
  • Planting density
    2500 – 3500 plants per hectare
  • Harvest period
    20 September — 10 October
    Exclusively manual harvest
  • Vinification
    Soft pressing, static decantation of must, fermentation at controlled temperature (16-18°C). In spring it is bottled and begins a slow natural re-fermentation in a dark room at a temperature of 16-17°C. When fermentation is complete the yeasts remain on the bottom.
  • Duration of fermentation and fining in the bottle
    approximately 6 months
  • Alcohol
    11% by vol.
  • Sugar content
  • Total acidity
    5 g/l
  • Low sulfite content
    50 mg/l
  • Free sulfite