Call us ``Ruge``

The name of our company comes to life from a beautiful childhood memory, when we, the Ruggeri brothers, were simply the "Ruge" for everyone. Born and raised in the splendid setting of Valdobbiadene, we learned from childhood to know the traditions and the different evolutions of a unique territory in the world, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site today.

Today, our hills are the result of experience, experimentation and great respect for a superb territory, which is already spontaneously capable of producing great grapes and which has led it to enjoy an international reputation.


We have chosen to stay away from the competitive logic of the market as the conformation of our vineyards, made of old, steeply sloping, and totally cultivated by hand vines, does not allow us to fight on the level of price. It is therefore our duty to give value to these hills by trying to extract as much of their minerality and salinity as possible. We do it in the most rigorous respect of time and nature, without any forcing dictated by commercial pressures.

We have the duty to transfer a little of the wonderful landscape in which we live into the glasses.

We feel like the lucky guardians of this land and authentic, true interpreters. In 2010 we started a completely new project, which nevertheless continues in the tradition of what our father, Vittore, taught us.

As long as we have the opportunity to walk on these soils we will always have the awareness of not being imitable. Being able to work on this hill, which dominates this enchanting valley that goes from Sacol, passes through Santo Stefano, Fol up to go towards Guia, is a privilege that honors us.